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Billawar gets its name from the Billawaria Dynasty which ruled the place in from 16th century. BILLAWAR is situated on the banks of rivers, Ujh and Bhinni . It is the tehsil headquarter (District Kathua). It is surrounded by Shivalik hills and is famous for pilgrimage spots like Sukrala Devi, Bala Sundari and ancient Shiva temple. Places which fall in the neighbourhood of Billawar and are tourist friendly are Bahsoli, Thein Dam, Mansar, Machhedi . Bahsoli in particular is famous for its ancient pahari miniature paintings.Billawar is also one of the most educated areas of Jammu division with one of its town Bhadu with 100% literacy.

The Govt. Degree College Billawar (Deval) was established in the year 2005 in Tehsil Billawar district Kathua. The college became a recognized and affiliated college under 2(F) 12(B) of UGC Act. 1956, in 2007. GDC Billawar is a co-educational institution of higher learning to fulfill the needs of people of this hilly and rural area. Since its inception, the college has been an epitome of academic excellence, adhering to the ever changing aspiration and the needs of student’s community. The college has produced its batches of B.A part-III in 2008, 2009 with high a percentage of 100% and 95% respectively.

About Billawar

Billawar is Tehsil HQ. It is also known as BALAUR. Billawar was founded by Raja Bhopat Pal in 1598-1614 and it remained capital of Basohli Rajas. The descendants of the Royal family are known as “BILLAWARIAS”. The town has some ancient monuments. The Billawar Town is situated on the Bank of NAAZ, BHINNI and UJH Nallahs. Billawar has a great potential for ecotourism.

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