Best Practices

7.2 – Best Practices

7.2.1 – Describe at least two institutional best practices

The following are the best practices of institute.

1.       Preparation and Implementation of five year Strategic Plan for AY 2019-20 to AY 2023-24. The major objective of this plan is to identify the thrust areas for the qualitative growth of the institute and ensure progress towards identified direction by sharing the vision amongst the stakeholders and ensuring their contribution. 

2.        Reading Club Activity for faculty. This aspect of our institution is encouraging one as whole faculty of this college leaves no stone unturned in motivating the students towards promotion of moral values as the faculty take it as ambition.

3.       Organizing institute level competition names as innovative practice league. The faculty also tries its level best to inculcate the spirit of tolerance, patience, positive thinking, reasoning, patriotism etc. among the students. We have achieved a lot in this regard. The practices we are talking about have proved beneficial and result oriented. This practice helps the students/ youngsters in the field of personality development, tolerance, pragmatics and decision making.

4.       Use of Active learning tools and techniques for delivery and assessment . To identify the goals, thrust areas and objectives for institutional growth for the period of next five years. To define the metrics for the targets to be achieved for the goals and the thrust areas To identify the responsible persons for the goals and objectives to be attained.  To devise and implement the strategies in order to achieve the targets and the goals.

5.       The Department of Physical and sports of this college has been playing an important role to the development of physical fitness of faculty and students thus enriching sports culture in the college campus. This is due to dynamic approach of the department, many students excelled in different activities. In this session, many prizes at the national level in various sports have won by the college Students. By introducing the practice we are talking about, we see the tremendous changes in the field of quality education and human behavior. As already mentioned, the main motto of healthy teaching learning process and sports related activities is to make people good human beings with skill and expertise.

7.3 Institutional Distinctiveness


Motivating Parents for encouraging their daughters to pursue primary to higher education. It is very much importance in the overall progress and development of the institution. With this view our college has its own mission statement accordingly we always try to function uniquely, innovatively and distinctively from the other institutions. As far as our Mission and Vision is concerned, college always try to implement the distinctiveness in the work. Our college has a large number of students from the surrounding villages. The number of girl students is more in number. Most of the students from rural areas & poor background, but they are not poor in talent, knowledge and humility. Our college staff identify their talent and encourage them as per our mission statement, ‘our aim is to bring the girl students into the main stream of higher education’. This institution was established on the year 2005. The main aim was to provide an opportunity to the rural students of this area especially the rural girl students to pursue the higher education for their development and progress of the family. In accordance with mission statement HEI gives exposure to the girl students to get an opportunity to participate in every curricular, extracurricular and extension activities very actively.

Our college gives priority to promote education for poor students of all communities of rural background. The rural background students can’t effort their education in the urban colleges.

* The performance of our college in one area distinctive to its vision. Every year large number of rural students takes admission in different programmes and courses of the college. The college provides admission to all SC, ST, NT, OBC & other backward students on priority. The focus is always on gender sensitization programmes.

* The distinctive area of the institute is socio-economic upliftment of rural students through quality education. Since the establishment of the institute, it has successfully been marching ahead and taking efforts endlessly for the betterment of socio-economically backward section of the society. The institute has been playing a pivotal role in the development of such students through the means of education. Around 80-90% students enrolled in the college belong to economically & socially backward section of the society. The students from such category have been benefited from the quality education provided by the college & attained the top positions in academic, social, political, cultural, sports etc. areas. The support the area of distinctiveness, the college has adequate number of classrooms, well equipped laboratories, computer Lab, language Lab, Examination section, career & counseling cell, etc to facilitate the curricular, co-curricular & extra-curricular activities. Thus the college has made remarkable growth over the years in its infrastructure & facilities to cope with the changing scenario of higher education & modern demands in the context of globalization.

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